Special Topics in Organic Chemistry — CHEM 221A

The aim of this course is to discuss modern metal-catalyzed transformations and their applications in the synthesis of complex organic structures. Applications will be selected from recent literature publications and include, among others, synthesis of bioactive compounds, polymers, networks, and polycyclic aromatic compounds. Throughout the course, there will be a strong emphasis on fundamental organometallic reactivities/mechanisms and synthetic applications.

Potential topics include: C–C and C–heteroatom bond-forming cross-coupling reactions, cross-coupling polymerizations, hydrofunctionalization reactions, olefin oligomerization, polymerization, and copolymerization reactions, C–H activation and functionalization reactions including polymerizations, heterocycle synthesis, cycloisomerization reactions, olefin metathesis, ring-opening metathesis polymerization.

Offered Fall quarter 2016-2017